Make a Difference in a Child’s Life!

When any of us speaks for someone who has no voice, we must do it with excellence. This is especially true when those spoken for are innocents in the most difficult situations imaginable. We speak for children around the world who need our help in meeting their basic needs for food, shelter, clothing, medical care and, in many cases, rescue from the human traffickers who profit from their misery.

This requires not only competence but efficiency — producing the best possible outcomes from every resource available, including your financial support. Our goal is to make sure that every dollar we spend prevents or remedies as much suffering as possible. This responsibility is at the core of who we are and why we’re asking you to join with us in making the world a better place for children.

From all of us at Airline Ambassadors, thank you for your interest in making the world a better place for those most in need. Please see our 2014 results below – and we want to grow by an order of magnitude

2017 Cash Donations Received: $174,369    Here’s what we did with it:

  •  Escorted 156 children while in transit to receive life changing medical care. These flights were nearly always their first and we were there to insure their comfort and security.
  •  Conducted 14 human trafficking awareness seminars at major airports to 2,328 airline and security personnel to better enable them to identify children at risk and, when identified, protect them against further exploitation. Our first call led to the bust of a pornography ring in Boston saving 86 children. Since that time approximately 7 million passengers have been evaluated by those we trained in 2017, and we are submitting regular “tips” to law enforcement.
  •  Visited and attended to the needs of 1,264 children on ten humanitarian aid missions, including distribution of $124,588 in purchased items and services and much more in donated items.
  •  Worked with our donor base to attract in-kind donations of goods and services valued at $702,319 all of which were used effectively to move our mission forward.

Ways to Help

Dear Treasured Supporters

The need for humanitarian support is growing as the dichotomy between the “have’s” and “have not’s” increases. There are now over 7 Billion people on the planet…and one third of these live on under $2.00 per day. This is creating the need for more caring individuals to get involved – helping those less fortunate than themselves. The welfare or even life of a child may depend on your willingness to share, to give of your time and energy.

None of us as individuals can solve the complexity of problems in our world, but each of us, as individuals, can help at least one person, through the work of Airline Ambassadors. We can give warmth and a coat to an orhpan or a homeless person who suffers from the cold, deliver medical supplies to a clinic or volunteer our skills, whether we are a doctor, builder, flight attendant or mother. Our effort may prove to be life saving for another human being. At the same time, we will experience individually that giving is more joyous than receiving. We will begin to shine with an inner light that will affect those around us and inspire them also to bring compassion into action.

Every major world movement has begun with the personal action of a solitary individual. Will I use my energy and time to serve another, or will I not? Your support of Airline Ambassadors reflects your individual choice to serve. You are part of a movement that can spark a tidal wave of goodwill unleashing creative potential unlike anything the world has seen.

May your lives reflect the blessings you are bringing to others.


Nancy Rivard.
President and Founder

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