Airline Ambassadors is inspired by the UN Millennium Development Goals. Click on the goals on the left to see how AAI is addressing these goals in our work.

un1AIRLINE AMBASSADORS seeks to eliminate poverty and hunger by providing food and nutritional support for projects in Guatemala,  Haiti, Colombia, Jamaica,  El Salvador, the Dominican Republic and the Philippines..

In Guatemala we have provided many pallet loads of food from Feed My Starving Children to our projects with Mayan Families.  On each trip we pool donations and help fill the orphanage grocery list, and sometimes bring vitamins, plant or tend gardens to provide year-round, helping our members remove children from poverty and hunger one by one.

un2Airline Ambassadors also engages young people in many of its humanitarian travel activities by providing an exciting educational opportunity in to appreciate other cultures, and make a positive difference in the global community  AIRLINE AMBASSADORS supports primary and secondary education for children in developing nations by providing school supplies, teachers’ salaries and building schools.  We have provided school supplies and support to each of our projects ,  Haiti, Colombia, Jamaica,  El Salvador, the Dominican Republic and the Philippines.


un3AIRLINE AMBASSADORS understands that education of young women is pivotal to the sustainable development of local communities. We empower women through our vocational training programs such as the sewing program we began in El Salvador and our work in Haiti providing Safe Houses for victims of abuse or human trafficking.

The “industry specific” training we developed on Human Trafficking helps to raise key public awareness of the issue in the traveling public.  Our trainings have resulted in the interception of many trafficking situations, and the re-training and empowerment of survivors.

un4AIRLINE AMBASSADORS works to reduce child mortality and improve general health by providing hygiene items (and training in their use) on most of our missions as well as vitamin supplements as well as wholesome locally-produced food. We also support MD’s and medical personnel traveling to provide surgeries for children, and children traveling to the U.S. to receive donated medical care.  Projects have included:

  • Deliveries to Haiti Colombia, Jamaica,El Salvador, the Dominican Republic and the Philippines.
  • Supporting MD’s in travel for surgeries to Africa, Guatemala, Thailand and more.
  • Providing volunteer escorts for children needing medical care not available in their home country through our partnership with groups like Healing the Children, Pediatric Society and Mending Kids International. .

un5AIRLINE AMBASSADORS supports maternal health by providing hygiene kits and newborn kits for mothers. We provided 12,000 lbs of nutritious supplement last year to support maternal health at  Hospital Bloom in El Salvador. We provide baby items and nutrition supplements to new mothers on each of our missions. Our program for Human Trafficking awareness also  promotes maternal health by warning mothers of the potential dangers of this crime and how to be aware and protect their children.

un6This issue is dear to the heart of many airline personnel and we are anxious to provide for victims and to make anti-retro-viral medication available to as many as need it. AIRLINE AMBASSADORS provides support to an HIV/AIDS orphanage in El Salvador as well as mothers and children of AIDS decimated families.  In Guatemala we provided HIV/AIDS education to local coffee pickers associations.

un7AIRLINE AMBASSADORS promotes sustainability at each of our projects. We make a long term commitment to projects and ultimately look for a way to make that orphanage, facility or community self-sufficient.  By promoting an economic model of “traveling to make a difference”, our teams bring economic support to projects they visit.  For example teams can travel to central America and at the same time provide a well or solar panels that will improve the lives of the target community for years to come.   Our training in earthquake resistant housing via the CASA program is the first training of its kind, teaching developing countries to build earthquake resistant housing that will save countless lives in the event of a disaster. You can read more about our CASA program here.

un8AIRLINE AMBASSADORS works with local government, business and NGO partners at each of our adopted projects to help build capacity in local communities.

Our partnerships with airlines, has made children’s Medical Escort program a huge success allowing us to escort over 1500 children for the most important journey of their lives. Our partnerships with airports and governments has allowed us to provide public education on Human Trafficking Awareness to over 1,000 individuals, which will potentially avert hundreds of trafficking incidents.   Our partnership with orphanages, hospitals and schools has allowed us to develop a targeted program for individuals to apply their unique interests and skills to actual world need impacting over 500,000 people.

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