Humanitarian Missions


Airline Ambassadors has demonstrated that international aid and development assistance works best under the direction and invitation of those we assist. We create opportunities for ordinary people to participate in international development and aid relief. More importantly, our volunteers build lasting friendships with those they serve.

Unlike other relief and development organizations that ask only for donations and use highly-paid humanitarian professionals and restrict project visitation by ordinary citizens, we believe that people from all walks of life have skills to offer in making communities whole again. Additionally, while matching world resource to world need, participants experience the enriching aspects of personal relationships with the people they serve. This is the ultimate reward for contributors that alleviate pain and deprivation.

The Airline Ambassador elements of service include:

  •  A greater leverage of resources that can be created by developing the “human element.” This human element consists of a greater sense of responsibility with both the giver and the aid recipient.
  •  On-going volunteerism programs that provide vital resources to community development and disaster relief.
  •  Local independence; which is the ultimate objective of any development or aid.

We link the above elements of service with aid, funding and professional service delivery to provide training and education for our volunteers. This provides the “continuity of care” element which is emblematic of Airline Ambassador projects in over 45 countries.

To Participate on a Mission:

  • You must be an Airline Ambassador Member.
  • If necessary, please renew your membership or join Airline Ambassadors in our Membership Section.
  • Each participant will be required to sign a Release Form prior to the trip. These will be linked to the sign-up process for a specific mission.

Register for a mission.

  • Contact the coordinator listed in the Travel Calendar and submit a $100 deposit fee that can be paid on-line or by check.
  • Please note that most missions will have a specific form to use.  These forms will guide you to payment and allow you to provide some information we need for the mission.
  • By check to [Please indicate in the memo that this is for registration, including the event, and the month/year]:

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