Investing in health and disease prevention

AIRLINE AMBASSADORS delivered $24,161 worth of medications, supplies and equipment to 20 hospitals and clinics affecting thousands of lives last year. Most of our medical focus was in meeting immediate needs after the disaster in Haiti at General Hospital and CDTI where our volunteer medical teams were performing up to 100 amputations per day. Some of our medical aid arrived in the Dominican Republic and we coordinated transport over land to the hospitals we were working with. One of our MDs helped raise $150,000 to help keep CDTI Hospital open, but sadly, this was not enough and the hospital closed. We re-contacted donors to re-direct this money to the respected NGO – Partners in Health. Our teams also helped coordinate community health clinics in Mirebalais and supported the outreach effort from Quisqueya School treating hundreds of patients.

AAI members delivered hygiene kits of soap, shampoo, washcloths, toothbrushes, etc. as part of each mission. Our members taught basics such as hand-washing, tooth-brushing, the dangers of smoking, and importance of cleanliness, good nutrition and pure water.

Our Children’s Escort program also broke a record this year (2013) and AAI volunteers provided a loving and capable escort for 267 children traveling to the US for medical care not available in their home countries.

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