Experience the true meaning of Christmas and help provide an early Holiday party to support the under-privileged children of Barrio San Francisco, near Cartagena, Colombia.  Your heart will open when we bring school supplies, sports equipment and gifts and you see as to see young faces light with joy.  Our team will be joined by SASCA (the airport administration), who introduced us to the community and we will stay in the historic city, full of old world charm.  See story of past trips here

Jose Redondo Raffo, one of of our most incredible humanitarians, will lead the team.   He has been active helping our brothers and sisters from other countries like Peru, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Mexico and Guatemala.   On Sept 14 and 15  he joined  a team from SACSA (Airport administration) continue a commitment to help Barrio San Francisco.

They taught the kids the value of the environment and how they could use everyday materials to built a vertical garden.  Working together with young students from the School Corazón de Maria, they built a Vertical Garden.

Itinerary coming soon, but save your space now with a $100 deposit.  


This is our busiest escort, ORD ticket counter agent Kathy Garcia, escorting 4 year old Djinnebnou from Philadelphia to Cincinatti.
The little girl sat in a bucket of boiling water which has left her with serious problems and she will be at Shriners Burn Hospital for treatment.  PHX based F/A Robyn Fochtman brought her from Paris to PHL.

Asia Pacific Aviation Safety Seminar 2018

AAI’s trainer Donna Hubbard, was a key presenter at this conference coordinated by the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA).

The Asia Pacific Aviation Safety Seminar (APASS) on 5-6 September 2018 in Seoul, South Korea. APASS will be hosted by Asiana Airlines and organised by the AAPA Flight Operations & Safety Working Group (FOSWG).

APASS is the premier regional aviation safety event and is designed to create a common meeting place for the region’s airlines, airports, aircraft manufacturers, insurers, ground handlers, MROs and suppliers to discuss and to be updated on the latest developments and priorities in aviation safety. This seminar has a proven track record in providing an excellent safety forum including networking opportunities that enable the exchange of ideas on the important fundamentals and applications of aviation safety best practices, in-service experience, lessons-learned and sharing of practical solutions with key aviation safety experts around the region.

As in past seminars, a series of topic-specific workshops will be organised to create a more focused environment for participants to exchange views and debate on the practical approaches in managing some of the leading safety challenges facing the region.


I am really looking forward to our Airline Ambassadors International October Mission Trip to the Philippines! Together we are helping a community of children from Abatex Dumpsite in Manila and Shepherd of the Hills Children’s Foundation (SOTH) in the Philippines

This is the first year that we have been invited to stay at the resort and also spent two days with the children at Abatex.  Please come and help make this a memory the children will never forget.

 The children at Soth look forward to us visiting twice a year.   By the end of the time spent with these children you will have made a wonderful memory in their lives. What they give us is something we will never forget…. pure love.

 October 17-19

Please join us for our opening ceremony of a feeding shelter for families at Abatex.   This is a very special occasion for everyone.  We will spend two days with the families at Abatex community enjoying the children with many planned activities. We will all go together to a waterpark so the children can enjoy their day (last spring AAI gave them swimsuits).  We will be staying two nights at a beautiful resort.  We have been given a great discount by the family who owns the resort. This will be a first for them to host us.

October 19

Return to The Elan Greenhills hotel… enjoy free time before our travel the next day.

October 20-24

We will be traveling by bus to Zambales (about four hours from Manila) to help the children at Shepherd of The Hills. We will be staying at the orphanage for five days and four nights and enjoying many planned activities including swimming, hiking, going to the beach, island hopping,  a scavenger hunt, baking, welcoming and goodbye parties and doing some painting projects at the school.  Everything is included.For this trip there are a few things not included….

1.The hotel on these dates Oct.17,19 and maybe 24 ( some people plan on flying out the evening of the 24th but many flights leave in the morning so you will need to make a reservation for this night if you’re not flying out). You will be responsible for making your own reservation at the Elan Greenhills hotel or hotel of your choice as long as you are there for our departures.  The rates range from $50-$80 per night including breakfast.  I will be more than happy to assist with the booking of the hotel.

2. A few dinners are not included at the resort but we have late lunches planned and there is a beautiful sports bar we can all get to know each other and have some appetizers/dinner together.

3.  October 19 is a free afternoon to do exploring and this is on your own.

4. Round trip transportation from the airport to the hotel (which will range from $10-$30).

5. Airfare is not included

The cost of the trip includes most meals, all of our activities with all the children and families at both locations as well as all activities and

Transportation except airport

Project supplies

Entrance fees to the beach

Boat rental for island hopping

Jeepney rental for everyone

All snacks and treats

$15 for each Soth child for shopping

Money left over will be donated for the feeding shelter

Cost of the trip:

$100 Deposit (this is non refundable and will be used as a donation if you do not come.)

$700 Balance

Total is $800

 Once you sign up for the trip you will get a detailed itinerary.

Please feel free to contact me anytime via email or phone.

Thank you so much and I’m looking forward to hearing from you,

Cheryl Robinson



Director of Starlux Airlines and Sherry Saehlenou

Sherry Saehlenou

AAI trainer and consultant, Sherry Saehlenou presented “Human trafficking: Moving Beyond Awareness” at the APATS (Asia Pacific Aviation Training Symposium) conference in Singapore on August 29th to an audience of Asian flight personnel.  Although some in the audience were familiar with the global problem of human trafficking none reported that their airlines were training on the subject. As trafficking in persons is now a globally recognized problem, awareness is good but we must move beyond awareness to train in what to do when suspected cases occur on our airlines. To quote Donna Hubbard, “Awareness is about recognition. Training is about empowerment.” Saehlenou presented the newly published guidelines by both ICAO and IATA for training flight attendants on trafficking in persons. Both offer detailed guidelines for airlines of member states to begin their comprehensive training.  The guidelines are available on both ICAO and IATA’S websites and the information, although specifically written with flight attendants in mind, can be adapted for use by all aviation personnel.

See below August notes from Escort Director Margaret Whitehead

Viva la France!

Today I was at the airport when our escort, Aicha Touahria, security lead in Paris, left for Paris with 14 year old Sadeq who was enroute home to Iraq following donated surgery in ATL, sponsored by Childspring Intl. I had the privilege of finally meeting Aicha and also our French translator and escort, JFK based F/A Laetitia Alger-Schley as she came down from New York to join us.  We had dinner together last night and it was so exciting to be able to discuss our Medical Escort Program and the ways AA in CDG can better assist us. Aicha says our friends there truly want to help.
Aicha was thrilled to again be able to see Sadeq, who was all smiles, knowing he would be back with his family in Iraq in less than 24 hours. She had met him as he traveled through CDG when he came to ATL a few months ago, accompanied by Bunny Doi.

Karen Returns Home to Guatemala

This just came in. Mary Panfil, ORD F/A hands 11 year old Karen off to Scarlet Johnson, MIA F/A in MIA. Karen had surgery in DTW to correct a facial malformation and is on her way home to GUA. They’re on their way right now.

Kathy Garza / Soad Hamden go above & beyond! 

August 1, 2018 – “Monday was a beautiful sunny day in ORD. The Polish orphans were going back home after 6 weeks with host families in the US. We were so hopeful things would go much more smoothly on their return trips than when they arrived in June in the middle of ORD thunderstorms and severely impacted all their connecting flights. Everything was on time  but then suddenly the SEA/ORD flight was over 3 hours late. Kathy Garza was waiting in SEA to accompany that child to ORD. The girl could still make her connection but had one large checked bag which probably would not have made the connection since it could only be checked to ORD. But Kathy, being an ORD agent, knew exactly what to do She spoke with the ticket counter and convinced them to check the bag all the way to MUC , so all was well with this one.
But then the airplane that would bring the OMA girl back to ORD had a problem with the A/C door upon arrival in OMA and this trip canceled with no other good way to get the girl to ORD in time for the LH flight. Now we had a real problem. Our escort, retired flight attendant Dorothy Olson and this girl had to wait for the next flight to ORD which was scheduled to arrive 10 minutes before LH was scheduled to leave for MUC. The agency asked if LH would hold for this one girl. I told them no and to go ahead and try to get her rebooked for the LH flight the next day along with a native chaperone who would have to remain behind to accompany her. None of the orphans are allowed to travel alone regardless of their age. It would cost this agency $800. To change both LH tickets so nothing was done yet. Meanwhile, Soad Hamdan, ORD flight attendant who always does a terrific job coordinating the orphans’ travel for us at ORD took matters into her own hands. She was waiting at the OMA arrival gate and the flight was estimating about 15 minutes early. It arrived, Soad grabbed the girl and they ran nonstop all the way from the AE gate over to LH where the gate agents were watching for her. They weren’t holding but thanks to Kathy Garza, who had spoken with them and explained the situation, they were definitely aware, the door was still open and by some miracle she made it!
This extra effort actually saved BLOOM Agency the $800. change fee on the two tickets and shows what can be accomplished by caring enough to go that extra mile to fix an almost impossible dilemma. I am truly grateful I work with such caring volunteers. Soad and Kathy, we are all thankful and honored to have both of you on our team. You’ve proven that huge problems can be resolved by just a little extra effort.”
Margaret Whitehead
Director, Children’s Medical Escort Program
Airline Ambassadors International

AAI provided TWO Human Trafficking Awareness training’s in Philadelphia on September 18, 2018.







We cannot thank you enough for your support and for providing the two training sessions at PHL.  I have had countless requests today to add more sessions!  Word traveled fast on how informative and moving the sessions were.”  Jim Moses, GM American Airlines PHL Airport.

Many thanks for support from sponsor Travelliance and  PHL Professional Women in Aviation as well as American Airlines for their support. Special thanks to Karen Rathman of Travelliance and Rachael Tamalonis for support.

A morning and afternoon training were opened by Jim Moses, VP of American Airlines and Renee Tufts, Manager Airport Security.  Ron Morgan of AA Security and Eric Ruona of FBI also made opening remarks emphasizing the importance of airport employees awareness of this horrific crime.  Over 100 attendees participated and were inspired, especially by Ms. Donna Hubbard who shared her personal story of surviving human trafficking and now giving back to her community and working as an AA flight attendant.










Trainers included  AA’ers Nancy Rivard, Teresa Garza, Donna Hubbard and Tammy Meade.  Local NGO’s, Nationalities Services Center, Covenant House and Walk Her Home also shared helping to raise awareness of human trafficking to front line employees in Philadelphia. We hope that PHL employees will continue to support these NGO’s and even have a team to participate in the Walk Her Home 5K Walk/Run on October 20th.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate. Program’s such as this are an important part of our security posture here at PHL and the more awareness we can bring to our stakeholders about the various issues our community may face, the better! Thank you and your team for all the hard work you do to get the information out.”   Renee Tufts, C.M. Airport Security Manager, Philadelphia International Airport


Airline Ambassadors partnered with the American Association of Airport Executives to provide a full day of training for security personnel at

O’Hare Chicago International Airport for the Chicago Aviation Authority.  Security personnel participated in real life scenarios that have actually happened in trafficking cases at airports.   Trainers Nancy Rivard, Shamere McKenzie and Andrea Hobart led the class and Teresa Garza, David Rivard and Brian O”Riley observed as well as Laura Ng from local NGO Break Free.













Shamere McKenzie, founder of SunGate Foundation is a survivor of human trafficking and experienced trainer.  She trained with Airline Ambassadors in Jamaica last year and last month Shamere was named the Anti Human Trafficking  Ambassador for the country of Jamaica!

This was AAI’s first training with the American Association of Airport Executives.





17 Aug 2018


“We are thrilled to partner with WanderSafe as our work is all about travel, and helping vulnerable children world wide.  This partnership allows us to share real innovations for keeping our members and all travelers safe!” Nancy Rivard, President, Airline Ambassadors

Knowledge is still POWER

Everybody wants to be free. Free to discover new parks, neighborhoods, restaurants. Our mission is to enable everyone on the planet to have that freedom by providing safety information that allows you to know before you go, and contribute your experiences to assist the future journeys of others. The WanderSafe application allows you to share where you are and what is safe, and see what others have pinned in their neighborhoods that is displayed in an easy to view unique mapping interface. WanderSafe will also give you a heads up if you are entering into a new location that may not be ideal leveraging input from other users, police information, and more. The most important source of insight though is YOU!  See this video 

Your input helps others WanderSafe.


Together, we’re creating freedom.

WanderSafe is an application developed by the JOZU for WOMEN team. It is a natural extension of the JOZU for Women ecosystem. This application is purpose-built to deliver dynamic location-based safety information in real time. Our mission is to make WanderSafe an essential part of everyone’s daily journey and provide you with the ability to roam freely, and safely.

WanderSafe is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Our platform includes a location-aware mobile app and a personal safety device with features proven to deter altercations. Our entire offer and development are thoughtfully developed with seasoned engineers, our developers, our product team, our brand ambassadors and our Safety Expert in Residence, retired CIA Security Executive, Thomas Pecora

Our AAI team of Nancy Rivard, Donna Hubbard and Sandy Hodges provided a Train the Trainer for Icelandair Training staff on August 22, 2018: The training took place at the training facility and included instruction and role playing with real case scenarios on the simulators. 

Each received a certificate of completion as they teach human trafficking awareness to the upcoming classes of Icelandic Airline flight attendants.

And afterwards we got to see a little of this incredible country.




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