Director of Human Trafficking Awareness,
Airline Ambassadors International

Andrea is passionate about bringing awareness to human trafficking, a major human rights issue of our time. She is committed to working alongside industries, cities and nations to see it abolished. Her first experience with Airline Ambassadors International was in 2001, where she accompanied an orphan from Hyderabad, India to her adoptive family in the United States. This led to her more recent involvement in AAI’s mission to educate the airline and travel industries on human trafficking.

Since 2014, Andrea has been a part of a team of instructors with Airline Ambassadors International and now serves as Director of Human Trafficking Awareness. Due to her experience at AAI, Andrea was invited to serve as a Human Trafficking Advocate for the Association of Flight Attendants Union for Alaska Airlines in 2017.

As a certified Flight Attendant for 17 years, Andrea also serves as part of the Special Projects Group and the Hiring Team for Alaska Airlines Flight Attendants, who she has been with for 14 years.

Presently, she is involved in hands on training pertaining to the subject of human trafficking in the U.S. and abroad, and she is honored to be able to use her platform as a flight attendant for this cause.

Having been raised in an aviation family, Andrea Hobart has a deep appreciation and passion for the airline industry. Her grandparents were pioneers in aviation and launched a flight school and fixed base operation in 1961 in Washington state. To this day, several of Andrea’s relatives are involved in aviation and the airline industry. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California and loves spending time with family and friends in CA and WA. You may also find her getting lost in the Malibu hills or relaxing on a beach in Sardinia, Italy, her favorite destination.

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