Airlines Denounce Trafficking and commit to Action at the 2018 General Meeting at IATA in Sydney, Australia. Bravo to UNODC Goodwill Ambassador – Mira Sorvino for her statement for the IATA General Meeting June 4, 2018!

We appreciate the support of Tim Colehan and IATA encouraging airlines to educate staff on Human Trafficking Awareness.  Airline cabin crew and staff can be boots on the ground and boots in the air combating this horrific crime. See this link to IATA website

SYDNEY: Airlines are set to step up the fight against human trafficking, global industry body IATA said Monday (Jun 4) as it released guidelines on how crews can act as “eyes and ears” to identify and report suspected cases.

Human trafficking is the world’s fastest-growing criminal industry and the second-largest after the drug trade, according to the US State Department, and there is an increasing push for the aviation industry to take action.

Airlines speed up fight against human trafficking

Airlines want to speed up worldwide the fight against human trade. Indeed, there are already numerous initiatives of single groups, however, up to now a branch-wide beginning has been absent, said Tim Colehan of the international aviation federation (IATA) at the annual federation meeting on Monday in Sydney. The Austrian Airlines supports the decision like one says on APA inquiry.

New guidelines should help the board staff to recognize suspicion cases and to handle after the landing with the victims. The Austrian Airlines helps carry the decision as one said on APA inquiry. ‘ The flight attendants are in a unique position because they sometimes travel many hours together with the passengers ‘, explained Colehan. Therefore they could also discover the smallest signals and Auffälligkeiten. The beginning also intends the vote with airports and criminal proceedings authorities like customs officials and border officials.

Human trafficking is according to US foreign ministry the fastest growing criminal trade of the world and second largest generally after the drug trafficking. According to the office of the United Nations to the fight against drugs and crime fight (UNODC) it comes at 60 percent of human trade for crossing of international borders. Therefore, the pressure on the aviation industry grows.

Indeed, it adds according to Colehan no information about the magnitude of human trade in the aviation branch, however, new laws squeeze all over the world the airlines to train her flight crew especially. International working organization ILO assumes from the fact that nearly 25 million people live in modern slavery. The main routes of human trade run from Africa in the Middle East and south Europe and Western Europe as well as from South Asia in the Middle East, Eastern Asia and the Pacific region.

Airline Ambassadors has been lobbying the airline industry with the importance of their role in prevention. It is exciting to see the support of both government with the ICAO release of Circular 352 at the High Commission on Human Rights, and the support of IATA, the main business association for airlines.

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