AAI’s star trainer Donna Hubbard opened the International Aviation Transportation Association (IATA’s) conference on Cabin Safety in Bangkok in May as well as the conference in Geneva on at the High Commission on Human Rights with the formal release of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Circular 352 – Guidelines for airline companies for training of cabin crew on identifying and responding to trafficking in persons.  ICAO sets international guidelines for airline companies globally and the launch was made with the full support of the High Commission on Human Rights (UNHCHR). See media stories: UN Agency Urges Mandatory TrainingAircraft cabin crew have new tools to stop human trafficking   & Preventing human trafficking by empowering aircraft cabin crew  

The conference was opened by Dr. Fang Liu, Secretary General of ICAO and Kate Gilmore (UNHCHR) prior to Donna riveting the crowd with her testimony on the impact on victims : From Tragedy to Triumph. including the story of Airline Ambassadors and her work as a human trafficking awareness trainer. 





Other speakers were Laurent Sauveur on UNHCHR, Janine Von Thungen, with an inspiring interactive exhibit on Trafficking in Persons, Martin Maurino who coordinated the development of of the ICAO Guidelines for Cabin Crew, Julie Abraham of the US Department of Transportation on the Blue Lightning Initiative, Mikela Dontu, who shared inspiring results of training cabin crew at Sky Regional Airlines, Sara Nelson of the Association of Flight Attendants, who helped get training mandated for US flight crew, Tim Coleman of IATA (sharing that this issue will be emphasized again at the General Meeting of IATA in early June in Sydney).  Closing remarks were made by  Catalin Radu (ICAO) and Mona Rishmawi, OHCHR.





We had some fun and got to see a bit of Geneva too including Uptown Downtown the upscale shop for vintage designer brands of our colleague Gigi Gya. We did some research in the “red light” district and  had a great dinner  with friends.

AAI trainers Sherry Saehlenou & Nancy Rivard with Landry Carr from US State Dept.

Donna Hubbard with colleagues from Lufthansa

Julie Abraham, from US DOT, departing

This sign greets all who arrive or depart from Geneve!

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