AAI_Logonew imageLaw enforcement is encouraging citizens to report possible human trafficking, and AAI has developed an APP which acts as a Threat Intelligence Platform enabling each of us to share vital information that can save lives.

Airline Ambassadors, as the only relief and development charity of the airline industry, has initiated an educational program to instruct airline and airport employees how to identify human trafficking. With support from the U. S. Congress and in consultation with DHS, UNODC, INTERPOL and local law enforcement, AAI, per requests from airport and airline management, has conducted over 40 trainings as of 1/21/ 2016.

Our mobile app “TIP Line”, supplements our training to airline employees as we continue to report suspicious persons who might be involved in this growing crime. The U. S. Department of State has named this crime “Trafficking in Persons” or “TIP”.  Air transport companies are encouraged to train their employees through federal laws and international agreements, AAI’s TIP Line helps airlines demonstrate compliance, and educates their employees about the fastest growing criminal industry in the world – Human Trafficking. Many thanks for support from the Association of Professional Flight Attendants and Association of Flight Attendants.

TipLine PicGo to Google Play or iTunes Store or your Windows phone or tablet and download the “TIP Line” app

Many local law enforcement agencies now use informational apps to encourage citizens to report crime. Our app includes “TIP Tools” where you can also map your location, take a picture, video, record or send a text so that you may store information to report a TIP. You can easily upload this information to the designated reporting authority, or, you can simply make a call to the DHS, the National Human Trafficking  Hotline, 911 or Crime Stoppers for international use.

The app works on all operating platforms – Androids, iPhones, & more.

Google Play: http://apps.appypie.com/media/appfile/a6a678f66a5c.apk

Itunes: http://apps.appypie.com/app/download-plist/appId/a6a678f66a5c


Identifying and Reporting Human Trafficking


Indicator 1: The person has no control of his or her travel and identification documents.

Indicator 2: The person has no freedom of movement or social interaction.

Indicator 3: The person has no logical means of reaching, or lacks knowledge of his or her final destination.

Indicator 4: A child traveler does not seem to be accompanied by his or her parent or legitimate guardian.

Don’tsWallet Card

Do not confront the suspected trafficker or suspected victim.

Do not draw unnecessary attention to the suspected trafficker or suspected victim that may alert them to your suspicions.


Do report your observations. In addition to submitting video alerts, call the DHS tip line, you will be asked:

– Airline, flight number, and seat number;
– If the individual is currently in-flight;
– Arrival city and estimated time of arrival;
– Identities (names, citizenship, etc.) of suspected victims and/or suspected traffickers; –                       Physical descriptions of the suspected victims and traffickers; and  indicator(s) you saw or heard.


Call 866-347-2423 toll free in U.S. and Canada, 24 hour a dayFlashcard Front
Call 802-872-6199 (tolls apply) in any country in the world, 24 hours

We also suggest you call :

National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888 and or 911

Another service to report an incident you are witnessing lets you take a picture of the person you suspect is in danger and text it to 909-ALERT-US (909-253-7887) where Bashpole will search for the person in their database and alert authorities.  You can read more about this service here.

email nancy@airlineamb.org to order one of our Flash Cards with the TIP # :


Follow your airline’s policy to report a tip immediately. This could be through ACARS or the Domestic Event Network (DEN) FAMS There may be a Federal Air Marshall (FAM) on your flight. While the FAM’s primary concern is aviation security, you may inform him or her of suspected human trafficking – if you can do so without compromising the FAM’s anonymity. Because of the sensitivity of the FAM’s mission, use the option only as a last resort.

Thank you for your support stopping HUMAN SLAVERY

We appreciate support and leadership of the Association of Flight Attendants

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