Hello everyone,

If you think it was just another weekend in your life, think again. It was a gift given to us, it was our gift given to them, and the only appropriate response is “gratefulness”. The appreciation of the incredible range of colors that nature give to us every day for our enjoyment and we take for granted so many times… We all looked at the sky and saw the clouds this weekend and we rarely do that in our everyday ​ lives. We just think of the weather: good weather or bad weather. We all enjoyed the rain and the sun as we relaxed and appreciated the beauty of nature at the farm… None of us really cared about the rain, certainly not the kids. We have so many gifts and sometimes we don’t appreciate them. We open a faucet and there is hot water, cold water, we flip a switch and there is electrical light, we go to the bathroom and there is toilet paper and towels and drinkable water. Millions of people don’t know what it is to have all those photo (23)gifts, but yet live very happy, like the kids from the foundation. They have never taken a hot shower in their lives. Each kid has an incredible story behind their faces — and sometimes we would never ever understand it. I wish you all open your heart to all these blessings and whoever meets you will be blessed by your eyes, your smile by your touch… just by your presence!   Thank you for your presence in my life this weekend. I honor your friendship.

Love, Alex Restrepo

Enjoy this video montage – thanks to “Kitty” Stinson    Also the website of Mitanni Farm here.

In the words of Terry Drew Karanan  ” We serve not to be served, yet in the act of service we receive so much in return.  Check out more of his thoughts here  

There was even time to see the gorgeous cathedral, and party like the Colombians do on our own private Chiva Bus!     Join us for the Christmas celebration, December 3-5, 2014 :  Email Alex Restrepo at alex.restrepo@airlineamb.org or call 305-502-5134                                                                                                  Click this link for a video clip for one of last year’s missions.

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